‘Thank you, Dricus,’ said Rassie


The mastermind behind the Springboks’ one-point victories in the recent World Cup tournament in France, Rassie Erasmus, congratulated Dricus du Plessis on social media for his great performance.

Du Plessis won his title fight against Sean Strickland in Toronto this morning and just like the Springboks, he finished the duel by one point.

“Dricus, we are all terribly proud of you. Thank you for what you mean and do for South Africa. You are an absolute iron and warrior,” Erasmus tweeted.

According to the World Cup winning coach, Du Plessis is not afraid to walk the lonely road to success in his sport.

“But you did it! Enjoy the festivities; you earned it. Lick!”

Du Plessis talks about his fight

The South African mixed martial arts hero said after his Strickland duel that it was the best moment of his life.

“You can dream about it as much as you want, but it never feels like the real Jacob. When the combat officials’ scores were read out, it felt like my whole life was flashing past me. I didn’t leave anything in the tank,” said Du Plessis.

“It was at the same time the happiest and scariest few seconds of my life. Their decisions might as well have counted against me, but to hear those words with the South African flag on my shoulders was incredible.”

He even turned the hostile Toronto crowd on his side and by the fourth round they started a “DDP” chant.

“It certainly encouraged me. I said in advance that I would replace the booing with applause.”

Who is next on his battle list?

“Israel Adesanya. I have nothing personal against him, but that’s what the fans want to see and I want to fight for them.”