The Heroines with a knitting needle


We recently celebrated Mother’s Day. Mothers raising children alone. Mothers already in heaven, mothers whose children have already left the nest, busy mothers who are currently raising another brood. Moms who are mothers to the children of her people. Moms who have yet to become mothers and moms who want to be mothers so much.

I myself was spoiled with breakfast in bed and the most beautiful church service in Moreleta Park parish about the fruits of the spirit.

But Mother’s Day was also celebrated in a different way and all this through a knitting needle, willing hands and children who received it in total gratitude.

There is a group of aunties, this group of aunties does not have a name, but I simply call them “The Heroines with a knitting needle”. They represent a community of women who all live in different areas such as the Waterkloof Marina Retirement Resort, Waterkloof Reef, Lynnwood Resort, Lynnwood and Klerksdorp.

Throughout the year, they put their expertise and handiwork into knitting soft blankets, warm beanies, and sweaters, all out of love for those in need. Everyone offers their time and gifts to help children enter the winter with a warm sweater and scarf.

The wool for this project was provided by Audi Snÿman Interior Architecture & Design, which supports the aunts’ creative efforts and enables a profound impact in the community. These handmade sweaters and other items that keep our little bodies warm are then donated to Helping Hand Ons Plek after-school centers and kindergartens, which receive them with open arms and distribute them to our children who need them.

For the children of Ons Plek Naboomspruit this was a huge necessity and also a gentle warm treat, but also a reminder of the love, care and support that flourishes in their community.

I myself can remember when my grandmother was still alive how precious it was for me to receive a sweater from her that she knitted for me with so much love and care. Not just the pretty red jersey, but the feeling I received – the feeling of how special I am. Years later she also knitted with her hands for my little daughter and passed on the love that only a grandmother can give to my child.

For me this is an inspiration. My love for knitting has only recently started to develop and since December I also struggle to put the ball of wool aside when we are relaxing at home. I am working on a quilt and the aunties, or as I call them “The Heroines with a knitting needle”, just made me realize again how necessary it is to distribute these to children who need them.

I hope “The Heroines with a knitting needle” reminds us all that we all have the ability to make a difference, regardless of our age or circumstances.

For me personally, receiving a knitted sweater from my grandmother was always a precious gift.

It was not just a piece of clothing, but an expression of her love and care that kept me warm – not only physically, but also in my heart.

Sometimes on a day like Mother’s Day we don’t just have to celebrate the mothers, but every woman who is a source of love, care and inspiration for the children around her.

I will also continue to knit and if you also love to knit, please do it with me and the “Die Heldinne met o knitting needle”. Hand it out to the children around you and bless someone with your handiwork. If you do not know where to give, feel free to contact Solidarity Helping Hand at

Winter’s cold claws are already sharp when you get up in the morning and go home at night, we can keep our children’s bodies warm together by simply knitting!

Let’s keep our community’s children cozy in love this winter.