‘The Kiffness’ runs through thugs in USA


The South African artist David Scott, better known as The Kiffness, was forced to cancel a performance in Detroit in the USA after the group’s equipment was stolen from their vehicle on Tuesday.

While a member of Scott’s team was assessing the extent of the damage, a second suspect arrived at the van and demanded the van’s keys.

“But he (member of the team) was able to run away and call the police,” Scott wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

This did not prevent the robber from climbing through the van’s broken window and looting the vehicle further.

According to Scott, the police arrived and arrested the suspect at the scene.

The artist says equipment worth approximately $5 000 (about R92 000) was looted. This forced him to cancel his performance later the same day.

Scott is currently touring the US with his music which he produces from peculiar sounds such as Coke bottles being dragged on the beach, or cats drinking milk.

“I am very saddened to inform our Detroit fans that our show tonight has been canceled due to our equipment being stolen from our van,” Scott wrote.

He had to make police statements and make forced arrangements for new equipment and alternative transport.

Scott will be performing in places like Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle through November 18th.

Clayson Monyela, deputy director general of international relations and cooperation (Dirco), expressed his condolences to Scott in a message on X.

“Sorry for the horrible experience. Crime is a global challenge. Let me know if you need help from our South African embassy in Washington,” Monyela’s message read.

Many of Scott’s fans also wished him well. Many were surprised that he became the victim of crime in the USA – and not on home soil.

Doug Walker writes: “Not sure what part of Detroit you’re in. Be safe. That place can get wild. Amazing tour.”

Scott was not immediately available for comment.