The week in pictures


Portuguesealready: Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira rides a wave during the World Surfing League’s giant wave challenge in Praia do Norte. (Photo: Miguel Riopa/AFP)

Ruslan.d: The reflection of a Ukrainian soldier can be seen in the side mirror of a Swedish-made howitzer in the Donetsk region as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. (Photo: Roman Pilipey/AFP)

China: An aerial view of fields and houses in Congjiang County, which was then covered by a blanket of pure white snow in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province. (Photo: AFP)

Antarcticika: Several white-eared penguins (Pygoscelis papua) stands on the rocks on Paraiso Island in the Strait of Gerlache that separates the Palmer Archipelago from the Antarctic Peninsula. Scientists and researchers from various countries work together on projects during the X Antarctic Expedition of the Colombian research vessel ARC Simon Bolivar, which is specifically designed to support scientific projects. These initiatives involve the analysis of the current state of the Antarctic Ocean, the study of atmospheric pressure and the monitoring of the species that inhabit this part of the planet. (Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP)

Columbusbia: A police officer rescues a dog from a forest fire in Nemocon. About 20 forest fires have hit Bogotá and several regions of Colombia amid record temperatures due to the El Niño phenomenon. The fires were investigated to determine whether they were caused by accident or intentionally. (Photo: Luis Acosta/AFP)