The week in pictures


Greece: Large parts of Europe suffered from high temperatures earlier this week due to a fierce heat wave. The scorching heat gave rise to numerous wildfires in Greece in particular. In the photo, a man from the village of Agios Charalampos, near Athens, can be seen loading his dog into the car so that they can flee from the devastating wildfires. (Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP)

Japan: Mexico’s women’s technical freestyle swimming team during the finals of the World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka, Japan. (Photo: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP)

Libya: Migrants from Africa, south of the Sahara, claim that the Tunisian authorities forcibly took them to a desert bordering Libya and Algeria, where they were left in an uninhabited area without water or shelter. (Photo: Mahmud Turki/AFP)

Iraq: Shiite Muslims gather during a ceremony at the shrines of imam Hussein and imam Abbas in Iraq’s central shrine city of Karbala for the first night of the Muslim month of Muharram and the first day of the Islamic new year. (Photo: Mohammed Sawaf/AFP)

Kenya: Kenya’s government has warned that it will not tolerate further unrest. Earlier demonstrations in this country turned into violence and claimed the lives of 12 people. In this photo, opposition supporters hold sticks and stones as they protest against the high cost of living in the capital Nairobi. (Photo: Luis Tato/AFP)