The week in pictures


In the: A forestry department worker shows newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles at a hatchery on a beach after volunteers earlier collected the eggs along the coastline at the Bay of Bengal.

Finland: Ice divers Kristian Maki-Jussila (R) and his wife, Henrietta Kivijaervi, pledge eternal fidelity to each other under the ice in a frozen quarry lake in Lapland. During this season, the ice thickness is around 80 cm, water temperature +0.5 °C and the air temperature between -5 °C and -9 °C. (Photo: Olivier Morin/AFP)

Taiwan: A building in Hualien was badly damaged after a large earthquake struck eastern Taiwan. At least one person was killed and nearly 60 others injured on April 3. Many buildings were destroyed during the natural disaster. (Photo: CNA/AFP)

France: Fletcher, a white-tailed eagle, also known as a sea eagle, is being trained by the French falconer Jacques-Olivier Travers at the Les Aigles du Leman park (The Leman Eagles). It is the world’s largest aviary where they are released back into the wild after rehabilitation. (Photo: Jeff Pachoud/AFP)

Palestinian Territories: Humanitarian aid is being dropped from a military plane over the northern Gaza Strip amid ongoing fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. According to the Jordanian military, two Jordanian C-130 aircraft, four American aircraft and others from Britain, Germany, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were part of the relief operation over northern Gaza. (Photo: Jordanian Army/AFP)