The week in pictures


Cuba: The so-called blue supermoon shines brightly over Havana in Cuba on Wednesday evening. It was the second full moon in this calendar month. (Photo: Yamil Lage/AFP)

South Africa: Firefighters scrambled to put out the flames of a fire that broke out in a building in downtown Johannesburg on Thursday. More than 70 people were killed and dozens of others injured in the fire that broke out in the five-story building. (Photo: Michele Spatari/AFP)

USA: An aerial photo of a ruined structure where a house used to stand in Signal Cove, in Florida in the USA. The house was flattened when a transformer exploded after Hurricane Idalia hit the area. Idalia hit northwest Florida early Wednesday as an “extremely dangerous” category 3 storm and caused extensive damage across several areas. (Photo: Miguel J. Rodriguez Carrillo/AFP)

Spain: Tomato-smeared festival-goers party at “Tomatina”, an annual food fight in the town of Bunol in eastern Spain. Around 15,000 people gathered for the annual “Tomatina” street fight to pelt each other with 120 tonnes of tomatoes. (Photo: Jose Miguel Fernandez/AFP)

Colombia: The volcano Nevado del Ruiz in Bogota spews out a cloud of ash. The Colombian Geological Service (SGC) warned that ash was observed in the city of Manizales due to the volcano’s increased seismic activity. (Photo: Guillermo Munoz/AFP)

France: Smoke in the colors of the French flag hangs over the field of the Stade de Francois in St. Denis on the outskirts of Paris after the French’s victory in the test match against Australia. The Rugby World Cup starts in France on Friday. (Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP)

Ukraine: Ukrainian law enforcement officers stand next to a burning industrial plant after a missile attack on the village of Hoholeve in the Poltava region. (Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Chief of Staff: Andriy Yermak/AFP)