The world has gone mad


By Gerhard Olivier

It’s the year 2024, the human species has reached its peak, or has it?

For millennia, humanity has supposedly improved and grown. With new, better and more innovative methods for almost every aspect related to human life, it is difficult for any right-thinking individual to deny the so-called growth, yet growth is possibly last on the list of what mankind has achieved since our existence. in the garden of Eden.

Perhaps it is rather the opposite of growth that has taken effect over the years.

Mankind has apparently reached the point where they are bored with themselves and their lives and have therefore turned to outrageous forms of entertainment just to liven up life and escape from the haunting thoughts of misery.

For years, the goal for humanity has been to develop better and more efficient methods of dealing with daily life in order to live more sustainably. Today, the goal of the common person is to find happiness where it cannot be found.

If a person from 100 years ago were to testify to what is happening today, it would make them doubt whether it was at all worth the effort to deliver to a future generation.

The one medicine that served for previous generations as a tool or guideline to stay on the right path and set moral values ​​and standards and therefore not go crazy, namely, faith, is daily becoming a more infamous drug in today’s life. talk.

This leads to the fact that man will eventually have the opportunity to follow their own inadequate and failing methods to peace or then happiness, but unfortunately this will lead to exactly the opposite outcomes.

Man has the opportunity to be what he or she wants to be. That’s if the he wants to be a he and not a she and if the she wants to be a she and not a he. This is the point where our world has come to after thousands of years of development and so-called growth.

In the eyes of man, faith no longer serves as a sufficient guideline since it is against the principles of today’s most famous faith, namely Science. Unfortunately, science does not provide for moral issues. Without it, the world will consequently deteriorate further.

The most important aspect of a person in today’s life, according to the norm in today’s life, is supposed to be you and yourself. This leads to the next obstacle in the way, namely, selfishness. With the self becoming more important every day, the self becomes more dissatisfied with him/herself due to more fault found within one’s self. From numerousselfies‘ which is taken within a day up to and including thousands of rands spent on yourself by yourself for yourself with hundreds of poor people around every corner who witness it.

From your biological makeup as a human being to being addicted to yourself, all are simply components that contribute to the madness of this world. The conclusion can therefore be drawn that the human species has not reached their peak, but rather another achievement, namely, the world that has driven them mad.

  • Gerhard Olivier is a second-year teaching student at Aros and also works part-time at an after-school.

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