These celebrities awarded with Aitsa’s this year


A string of talented artists were rewarded for their contribution to the Afrikaans music industry at the Choose Life auditorium in Moreleta Park, Pretoria on Tuesday evening during Pretoria FM’s annual Aitsa music awards.

Celebrities such as Karlien van Jaarsveld, Bernice West, Zaan Sonnekus, Loufi and Barto are just a few of the African artists who each received a unique Aitsa trophy as well as a cash prize of R10 000 during this prestigious function.

Judging of the record number of entries that poured in for Aitsa’s this year took place between 7 and 9 June 2023 and was handled by a panel of independent judges. The panel included Gisela de Villiers, AJ Opperman, Rian Swanepoel, Carlé van Deventer, Anaretha Naude and Henco Harmse.

Two special categories for the most successful Afrikaans song by a male as well as a female artist – indicated by figures from streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Video – were also announced.

Bernice West’s “Lyfie” as well The Contract– runner-up, Dodo Nyoka,’s “Photos” were respectively honored with these awards.

Nyoko also won the award for “newcomer of the year” with this song.

Classical music also gained more recognition this year, with Franco Prinsloo and the Vox Chamber Choir’s “Ghoera Liedere” winning the statuette for “classic track of the year”.

“We have received many inquiries about the possibility of further expanding the Aitsas by also giving recognition to the artists of classical music,” explained Willie Spies, executive chairman of Pretoria FM and trustee of the Aitsa Trust, previously.

“That’s why it was decided to expand the categories for 2023 by still recognizing the cream of Afrikaans music, but also adding a classical category.”

The well-known and beloved Afrikaans music legend, Jannie du Toit, was honored on Tuesday evening for his lifelong contribution to the promotion of Afrikaans music.

The famous opera singer, Mimi Coertse (90), was awarded this Aitsa music award last year. The Aitsa Trust awards it annually to an artist who has pioneered the development of the Afrikaans music industry over a long period of time.

“What an honor and wonderful encouragement for the road ahead,” said the “Liedjie vir jou” singer about his award.

The public also once again had the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist and this year this special award was presented to the singer, writer and actor, Steve Hofmeyr.

The votes were consolidated with the judges’ feedback according to a predetermined formula and verified by an independent auditing firm.

This year’s winners by category are:

  1. Listening song of the year – Karlien van Jaarsveld and Jacob Swann, “Lief”
  2. Producer of the year – Danny Smoke and Tjaart van der Walt, “Stop”
  3. Pop song of the year – Barto, “Impulsief”
  4. Newcomer of the Year – Dodo Nyoka, “Photos”
  5. Alternative/Rock Song of the Year – Zaan Sonnekus, “Monitor”
  6. Country music song of the year – Die Teelepeltjies, “Misvloer setees”
  7. Hip Hop/Chat Rhyme Song of the Year – Loufi and Jayms, “Bank Rob”
  8. Spiritual song of the year – Retief Burger, “Sekelmaan”
  9. Instrumental Song of the Year – CH2, “Simoné”
  10. Songwriter of the Year – Jacob Swann, “Lief”
  11. Classic track of the year – Franco Prinsloo and the Vox Chamber Choir, “Ghoera Liedere”
  12. Music Video of the Year – Eric T Graham, “Impulsive” performed by Barto
  13. Afrikaans song of the year – Bernice West, “Lyfie”
  14. My Artist winner – Steve Hofmeyr
  15. Lifetime contribution – Jannie du Toit
  16. Most Streamed: Male – Dodo Nyoka, “Photos”
  17. Most Streams: Female – Bernice West, “Body”