These celebrities’ offspring are kicking off their school careers


Many celebrities, including Steve Hofmeyr and Rolene Strauss, dropped off their sprouts at the “big school” for the very first time this morning.

Look here at all the celebrities whose brood this year gr. 1-paraben is:

Steve Hofmeyr

“Back to school for me,” writes the “Pumpkin” singer about his youngest, Romy-Lee, who is starting her school career this year. “I’m the most traumatized one there.”

Rolene Strauss

The former Miss South Africa and Ms. World, Rolene Strauss’s sprout is also this year in gr. 1.

“My dearest son, we are proud of who you are, discovering your willing spirit, your inquisitive nature and your passion for new things,” writes Rolene on Instagram.

Tim Theron

“And so the ‘baba’ is also now in gr. 1,” writes Tim Theron, film producer, about his son who starts school this year.

Rita Li

The Capeline-actress, Rita Li’s eldest is also behind the school desks for the first time this year.

“How’s my mama heart doing today?” she writes on social media.

Pierre Spies

The youngest of the former rugby player, Pierre Spies, also walks into the school gates for the first time today.

“This is going to be your best year ever,” he writes to all three of his children on Instagram. He is also the father of two sons who are respectively in gr. 4 and 6 are.

Known sprouts now in gr. R:

Ricus and Liza Nel

The “Boerepompie” singer, Ricus Nel, and his wife, Liza,’s son is also in the “big school” this year. Their son, Dawid, starts this year with gr. R.

Charlize Berg

Charlize Berg’s little daughter also met gr. R starts.

“Mummy and daddy’s hearts are bursting with pride. We can’t wait to see you learn and grow,” she wrote on social media.