These political parties receive large donations


The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) released political parties’ declarations of donations for the third quarter and revealed that the new political party RISE Mzansi received the most donations of all seven political parties that declared donations.

This party, which was registered as a political party on September 7 last year, received more than R16.7 million in donations between October 1 and December 31, of which Rebecca Oppenheimer, granddaughter of mining magnate Harry Oppenheimer, donated R15 million.

Oppenheimer has previously made similar donations to parties such as the DA and ActionSA.

ActionSA in turn received almost R14 million from donors during the third quarter, of which Victoria Freudenheim, also a granddaughter of Harry Oppenheimer, donated more than half (R7.4 million).

The ANC declared R10 million in donations.

All the ruling party’s declared donations during the third quarter were of a monetary nature and were donated by Chancellor House trust, investment company of the ANC. The donations were both R5 million each and were both received in December.

Build One South Africa (Bosa) declared the fourth highest donation. The party declared R8.5 million in donations, all of which were monetary in nature.

Jessica Bridget Slack Jell, also a granddaughter of Harry Oppenheimer, donated R6 million. Martin Moshal donated R2 million and an entity called RTH Investments (Pty) Ltd donated R500 000.

The IEC says these contributors are regular donors to various political parties, including the DA and ActionSA.

The Patriotic Alliance declared monetary donations amounting to just over R7 million from eight different donors.

Gayton McKenzie, leader of the party, was the party’s biggest donor for the quarter with three separate donations of R250 000 respectively, just over R2.2 million during the months of October, November and December last year.

This amounts to a total of R2 759 130.

Another party leader, Kenny Kunene, made a monetary donation of just over R1 million to his party in the same period.

In the third quarter, the DA received R2.6 million in donations from six different donors. The largest donation amount of R1 million was received from an entity called Artemis Properties (Pty) Ltd, followed by Beacon Rock Ltd. with a donation of just under R1 million.

The IFP declared only R191 000 in the third quarter; the donation was received from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung NPC.

According to the commission, the donation was made for costs associated with a training workshop for party members working in the national, provincial and local government spheres.

The IEC says there has been a steady increase in the value of donations declared for the third quarter – in some respects an indication of political parties’ fundraising activities in preparation for the election.

‘Investigate ANC’

However, ActionSA says the commission should investigate the ANC.

Michael Beaumont, ActionSA’s national chairman, points out that the ANC received R10 million from Chancellor House. It was also in the same quarter that the ANC announced that it and the company Ezulweni Investments had reached a R102 million settlement over the money the ANC owed the company for election banners.

Beaumont says that by declaring the donations of R10 million in this quarter, the ANC has shown that ActionSA’s suspicions about the settlement were justified.

“The likelihood is that R102 million debt settlement, plus interest over the four years it accrued, could not have been financed by a donation disclosure of R10 million.

“The fact that no donation in kind was reported by the ANC from Ezulweni Investments would indicate that the company did not discount the settlement by even as much as R100 000 – an improbability in the settlement of such large debts. Furthermore, the likelihood that the terms of a debt settlement can be financed by donations to the value of R10 million (at R102 million plus interest over four years) is impossible.

Beaumont says ActionSA will again write to the IEC to demand that it investigate the ANC’s debt settlement with Ezulweni Investments.

“The IEC cannot continue to keep itself blind to the obvious fact that the ANC has settled debts that it cannot possibly afford in terms of its donation disclosures.

“This can only mean that the ANC has a financing arrangement with Ezulweni Investments that falls outside their disclosures or has promised future income through the provision of tenders from the state.”