Thirsty thief caught stealing R50 000 worth of Stanley flask cups


An American woman’s thirst for the popular Stanley Cups Quencher bottle cups apparently drove her to break the law.

Delany Garcia-Lopez (23) was recently arrested after she tried to steal Stanley bottle cups worth $2,500 (approximately R47,071) from a sports store in Roseville, California, in the USA.

The Roseville police explained in a statement on Facebook that Garcia-Lopez allegedly loaded a cart full of Stanley bottle cups from Dick’s Sporting Goods into her car and drove away with it.

“The suspect refused to stop for staff and loaded the stolen goods into her trunk. She was caught by traffic police when she tried to escape on a nearby highway,” the statement reads.

Photos shared by Roseville police on Facebook show Garcia-Lopez’s trunk filled with nearly 65 Stanley flask cups of various sizes.

She was released on bail of $150,000 (R2.8 million), and agreed to wear a GPS tracking device, according to NBC News.

The police department also issued a warning message to future law breakers, advising the public “not to turn to crime to satisfy their hydration habits”.

The #StanleyCup hashtag has received nearly 7.2 billion hits worldwide to date thanks to the influence of especially American TikTok consumers and influencers.

RNews previously reported that these expensive flask cups, which can be easily identified by their large handle and thick rubber straws, are also catching fire in South Africa.

However, this product is currently still rare in South Africa, but is already flying off the shelves of stores such as Trappers and Outdoor Warehouse at R1 199.

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