This is how AfriForum helps Laevelders


The AfriForum branch in Nelspruit had their hands full last month tackling two “burning issues” for residents in this Lowveld city.

A shortage of water in this city often causes taps to run empty – a problem which, according to the Mbombela municipality, is largely caused by illegal water connections.

“AfriForum therefore decided to set up an emergency water point at the Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk (NHK) Nelspruit in Belladonna Street,” explains Arlo van Heerden, AfriForum’s district coordinator for the Lowveld.

“The emergency water point is available to anyone or any family in urgent need of water. Access to water is a basic human right that no resident of our community may be deprived of, and that is why this emergency water point was an essential project for us for the Nelspruit branch.

“However, we encourage the community to take the seriousness of the current water crisis to heart and deal responsibly with this valuable resource.”

Van Heerden praised the branch in Nelspruit for their involvement in the project.

“This emergency water point is proof of what can be achieved when we stand together as a community and work together,” he adds.

In yet another community focus project, on 26 October the Nelspruit branch installed a technologically advanced number plate recognition camera (known as an LPR camera) on Dr. Enos Mabuza Drive erected.

“This camera takes and digitizes vehicle number plates and is an indispensable tool in the fight against crime and therefore the protection of the community,” he says.

Van Heerden says the initiative forms part of the AfriForum Nelspruit neighborhood watch’s dedicated focus on improving safety in this community.

“The camera is equipped with advanced technology that recognizes number plates in the blink of an eye and compares them to a database of suspicious vehicles. It provides exceptional information that will help the police to identify and track vehicles involved in crime.”

Devon McCullough, chairman of AfriForum’s Nelspruit neighborhood watch, says they believe in mobilizing communities to ensure the safety of residents.

“Our aim is to create an environment in which there is no safe haven for crime. We encourage the community to connect with our neighborhood watch and get involved.”

He also encouraged the community to report any suspicious activities on Dr. Enos Mabuza Drive immediately to report to the local police.