This is how ‘The Bridge’ works


In the new African reality series The Bridge meet 12 strangers in the heart of the picturesque Swellendam, each with one goal in mind: to go home with prize money of R1 million.

These 12 strangers must attend as participants The Bridge as it were, build a bridge together with their bare hands within 20 days – which can lead to the massive prize pool.

This local series is modeled on an international format and starts on Thursday 26 October on kykNET. Neil Sandilands is the narrator of the show.

Numerous challenges and obstacles stand between the participants and the prize money and their social skills, moral values, physical and mental strength, endurance and ability to work together in a team are tested to the limit.

The Bridge contains elements of adventure and discover the drama that unfolds when a group is put under tremendous pressure.

The title has a symbolic meaning, because the players often find themselves in situations in their own lives where they had to cross bridges to unlock their own potential.

However, the biggest question is: Who can trust whom, and who will share the money if they find it first?

Key terminology in The Bridge:

  • Houthuis – this is where the players live and work. It contains a bedroom, a living area, a workshop and a landing quay.
  • Tower – it is 250 meters from the coastline. This is the final destination, as this is where the prize money awaits.
  • Island – the tower is located on the island.
  • Post Raft – it is located halfway between the coastline and the Tower. This is where the players must go to receive messages and instructions.
  • Postman – the vehicle through which the players receive the messages and instructions.
  • Flares – are used to notify the players that there is new mail.
  • Removal – this is when a player is sent home. It can happen at any time. Unlike other reality series, there are never the same rules or mechanisms for voting. Once the players are removed, their belongings must be packed up and they must leave the game by boat.

The Bridge starts Thursday 26 October on kykNET, DStv channel 144. It will also be available on DStv Stream and CatchUp.