This is the citizens’ task after voting day


Apart from voting on polling day, the final election result is not in our hands.

What is in our hands, I noticed recently, at our church and later on the way home. You and I can make a difference after voting day.

Next to the church, one of the members was busy on a ladder by a lamp post. To my interested question, his answer was: “Man, the street sign here at the church that hangs so crooked has been bothering me for a long time and no one is coming to fix it. Now I do.”

Done and done and it makes a difference.

After church we went home and not far from there, we saw a man and his wife picking up rubbish and throwing it in bins. We stopped next to them and asked again.

“Stilbaai is our town and if we don’t put the rubbish in containers, who will? It’s our job of love on this beautiful day to keep our town beautiful,” was the answer.

Unsolicited, but it makes a difference.

Just a little further along the road to Stilbaai-Oos there was a dirty white rock wall along the road for years. When we drove past, I noticed that a man and two workers were painting the wall pure white. I stopped and asked again.

“Ever since I moved to Stilbaai, the dirty wall bothered me. Then I thought, I have the paint and the labor. Why not? And here we are now. Look how it looks now!”

Unsolicited, but it makes a difference.

Sober knows what the election result means for us. We hope and pray for the best, but even the best isn’t going to make much difference. What I do know is that you and I can and must make a difference in our little piece of the world with open eyes and generous hearts. We owe it to each other and our country.

Let’s do it.

“In every person’s life there are moments when he says to himself: ‘Well, that can’t be done’ and then he does something!” said Erik Hazelhoff, known for his book Soldier of Orangedecided and then he and his men went to fetch Queen Wilhelmina back from England to the Netherlands after the Second World War.

Years ago, as we sat looking at the coals, a friend said to me: “My old friend, if I lay my head on the pillow tonight and I can’t think of someone I made a difference to today , I wasted a day of my life.”

It cannot go on like this. Let’s do something for people and fatherland every day.