This peanut butter is now also recalled


Several more types of peanut butter are taken off the shelves.

The national consumer commission appealed to consumers not to eat the products at all and to take them back to the retailer where they bought them for a full refund.

The products are:

  • Dischem’s Lifestyle (400 g Smooth and Crunchy)
  • Dischem’s Lifestyle (800 g Smooth and Crunchy)
  • Wazoogles Superfoods (all sizes; 32g to 20kg)
  • Pick n Pay No Name (1 kg smooth)
  • Eden All Natural

The Pick n Pay products and Dischem’s Lifestyle products are distributed nationwide, while Wazoogles Superfoods’ products are mainly distributed in the Western Cape.

The manufacturer, House of Natural Butters, informed the commission that the brands contained higher than prescribed levels of aflatoxin. This makes it unfit for human consumption.

Aflatoxin is a toxin secreted by some types of mold.

Thezi Mabuza, acting head of the national consumer commission, says while the commission’s investigation into House of Natural Butters continues, a nationwide assessment will also be done to determine if any other brands are affected.

“The commission calls on the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of peanut butter to comply with the regulation and carry out urgent tests to determine the safety of products on the shelves and take immediate corrective action, should they be unsafe.”

According to legislation, any items that pose a danger to consumers must be recalled.

It is also the responsibility of the manufacturers, importers and retailers to ensure that all goods comply with applicable South African standards and legislation.

Aflatoxin can lead to various health complications, which include nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

Pick n Pay has already withdrawn three peanut butter brands last week due to the health risk they may pose.