Thousands of ANC supporters gather before elections


Thousands of supporters attended the ANC’s last big stadium rally before next week’s election on Saturday.

More than two-thirds of the 90,000-seat FNB Stadium in Johannesburg was filled during the rally. Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa said the ANC is “the only political party in the whole of South Africa that can bring so many people together in one place”.

“We will do more and we will do better,” Ramaphosa promised the ruling party’s supporters.

“We gather here and carry the hopes and aspirations of millions,” he said. “Our people will decide whether our country will continue to move forward with the ANC towards a brighter future or turn back to a terrible past.”

However, opinion polls show that the ANC will lose its majority on Wednesday.

“It is important to come out this year, because the ANC is really struggling,” said Nkululeko Sibeko (37), an ANC supporter from Soweto.

“We are here for Mandela,” said 74-year-old Elizabeth Mzize. “They got us freedom and everything.”

The EFF held a rally in Polokwane on Saturday. The DA’s last rally before the election takes place on Sunday.

“Change is in the air and voting this time will make a difference,” political analyst Sandile Swana told AFP.

“There will be negotiations and it will not be like an ordinary election.”