Three arrested who apparently steal weapons from farmhouse


Three suspects were arrested on Friday after they allegedly stole firearms on a farm in the vicinity of Wesselsbron in the Free State.

The suspects – all from Wesselsbron – apparently planned to sell the stolen firearms to Lesotho citizens.

However, they were caught before this transaction in a house in Dipopong, Monyakeng, after the firearms and ammunition were found under a duvet in this house.

Capt. Stephen Thakeng, police spokesperson, says the police received information about the stolen firearms and one capt. Khalata simply went to the house in Dipopong in his own vehicle to investigate.

The three suspects were found in the house. The police would also later come across several firearms and ammunition hidden under a duvet.

One of the suspects was also found in possession of a .357 revolver. However, the suspects had no license to be in possession of firearms and ammunition and were arrested.

The three suspects – respectively 33, 34 and 41 – will soon appear in the local magistrate’s court.

The stolen firearms recovered include several hunting rifles and shotguns. The serial numbers were still visible.