Three in Phala Phala case in court on Friday


The three suspects who in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars on pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala game farm was arrested, is expected to appear in the Magistrate’s Court at Bela-Bela on Friday morning.

The street in front of the magistrate’s court was already closed early in the morning and a police njala and a handful of police officers kept a watchful eye on the court.

Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), told RNews on Friday that bail is expected to be granted to Frolina Joseph (31) and her brother, Ndilinasho David Joseph (27).

The two submitted their bail application last Friday and argued, among other things, that it would be in the interest of justice for them to be released on bail.

Malabi-Dzhangi could not confirm whether the third suspect, Imanuwela David (39), will continue with his bail application today.

He is on trial with Frolina and her brother on charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, burglary, money laundering and theft.

During their previous court appearance, Frolina and Ndilinasho both indicated in their affidavits that, should the state proceed with the case against them, they intend to plead not guilty to all the charges against them.

The complaint against them is related to the break-in on Ramaphosa’s game farm in February 2020 during which $580,000 – which was hidden in a couch – was stolen.

According to the state, on February 8, the two allegedly broke into another farm by mistake with two other suspects, but did not steal anything because it was the wrong farm. It is only the day after that they apparently broke into the president’s farm.