Thugs strike at Pta fire station


Armed robbers raided the Ga-Rankuwa fire station in the Tshwane metro area on Friday morning and robbed the station of “essential tools”. The robbers entered the premises by breaking open a palisade. Among other things, they looted mobile phones and a dispatcher.

The incident comes on the same day that armed men – who posed as ordinary commuters – threatened a bus driver of the Tshwane metro in Olievenhoutbosch with a firearm and then set the bus on fire.

RNews reported earlier that all the passengers were bound from the bus before the vehicle was set on fire. The bus driver escaped and fled and is currently receiving medical treatment and counselling.

Grandi Theunissen, mayoral committee member for community safety, strongly condemned the armed robbery – which also took place in the early hours of the morning.

“This act of aggression against our emergency services is deeply disheartening and on behalf of the coalition government in Tshwane I condemn this action unequivocally.”

Theunissen says the perpetrators stole six mobile phones and the dispatcher.

“These stolen items are not only (personal) material possessions, but also tools that help our firefighters coordinate steps and respond efficiently to emergencies.

“This reprehensible act therefore not only threatens the safety of our firefighters, but also affects the essential emergency response services they provide to our community.”

He appealed to the community of Ga-Rankuwa and the surrounding areas to work together to help secure the fire station and the emergency service workers.

“We appeal to anyone with information about this incident to come forward and help law enforcement authorities bring the culprits to book.”

According to Theunissen, they are still waiting for a full report on, among other things, the security measures on the premises. Support is given to those involved.

“I have spoken to the head of emergency services and the office of the city manager to re-evaluate and where possible improve the security measures currently in place at the Ga-Rankuwa fire station.

“However, I call on the police to investigate this matter without delay and ensure that our firefighters in Ga-Rankuwa can continue to serve their community without fear.”