Thys die Bosveldklong: ‘His head remains strong, he fights hard’


Thys Streicher, known as Thys die Bosveldklong, is still fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of a Pretoria hospital, after he recently first had encephalitis and then had a stroke.

Thys’ fellow artist and friend, LJ, acts as spokesperson for the family and says that Thys would be transferred to another hospital, but he is too weak to be transferred.

However, the extent of the damage from the stroke has not yet been determined.

“However, his head remains strong, he fights hard.”

The comedian-singer, TV presenter and radio announcer’s health has been on a seesaw since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2019.

He was bedridden for a while due to the disease and since his diagnosis received treatment which made him mobile again. In 2022 he was ready to take the stage again.

According to LJ, Thys’ elderly mother, Elize, is extremely grateful for the support and prayers of the public.

“It is very difficult for aunt Elize, because this is her second child with whom she has to walk a difficult health path. Aunt Elize’s faith is incredibly strong, she tries very hard to stay positive.”

Thys’ brother, Piet Streicher, died of cancer in 2016.

Condolences from friends and fans have since poured in on Facebook, with many asking for prayers for Thys and his family.

Ian Bossert, friend and colleague of Thys, said on Saturday that a number of fundraisers are being launched on social media.

“While it’s great for us that his supporters want to help, it’s extremely difficult for us to coordinate. His mother is inundated with calls, and we ask that those who want to help please contact (Thys’s fellow artist) LJ on 066 293 8428 instead.”

A golf day is planned to benefit Thys’ medical expenses and other expenses. The golf day will be held on 28 May at the Akasia golf course in Pretoria North.

All inquiries regarding the golf day are handled by WePlayGolf. Call Cheney on 072 055 6648.

This post has been amended after it was initially published. – Ed.