Thys the Bosveld klong still in high care


It has now been more than a month since Thys Streicher, known as Thys die Bosveldklong, was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Pretoria hospital.

Thys’ fellow artist and friend, LJ, acts as spokesperson for the family and says that Thys is still under sedation so that his organs can rest. He also has a hole in his throat through which he receives oxygen.

“There is very little change in Thys’ condition. His condition has not worsened, but neither has it improved,” says LJ to RNews.

“One of his lungs recently collapsed and the doctors struggled with it. However, we don’t get terribly much feedback from the doctors, only that the rest of his vital organs are normal and his oxygen levels remain fairly constant.”

The comedian-singer, TV presenter and radio announcer’s health has been on a seesaw since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2019.

He was bedridden for a while due to the disease and since his diagnosis received treatment which made him mobile again. In 2022 he was ready to take the stage again.

In the meantime, his health deteriorated and Thys first contracted meningitis at the end of April and then had a stroke.

According to LJ, the golf day that was organized on May 28 in aid of Thys’ medical expenses and other expenses was a resounding success.

“From my side, as well as from his mother, Elize, we want to thank all the Samaritans who have so far opened their hearts and wallets for Thys. We appreciate it incredibly.”

LJ says that although Thys cannot respond to visitors, he can hear them talking, which is why his mother often plays him voice messages from his son. His mother also reads him the Bible and prays for him every day.

“I have never seen anyone fight as hard as my great friend in that hospital bed. Even the doctors say they can’t believe how hard he fights there in his loneliness.”