To be truly blessed in the age of social media


Browse around on social media and you see selfies and happy faces, often accompanied by a quote or Bible verse. It usually implies that the person in the photo has so many things going wrong, but the cover face photographed in the mirror, with the perfect lips and thin waist, speaks of something else. The incredibly beautiful, manicured face with the perfect eyebrows then expresses gratitude for everything and anything else and to round off the sentence nicely, it ends with a #blessed.

Don’t get me wrong, blessings are around every corner and you have to count them and say thank you one by one, but the fat knows, when things go badly for you, your heart is in a thousand pieces and everything goes wrong, you don’t have to lie to the world. All the hurt that one sweeps under the carpet piles up. Every time you take a photo and edit it nicely to show people you last saw at school how great you are, your nose grows a little longer. Everyone who sees your picture then thinks that you are doing very well. Here and there is someone who might wish they had a good life and would also like to be #blessed, but most who see this will unfortunately forget.

Lying and saying it’s fine when it’s actually really bad is not a step in the direction of healing. Saying you have everything under control when it feels like you don’t know how many balls you’re actually supposed to keep in the air just doesn’t help. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this budding season, it’s that authenticity is more important now than ever. Authenticity is a raw gem that many are afraid of, because it shows more than a mirror can, it shows your inner self. It is time for authenticity to be dusted off and valued anew.

A habitual clackous also gets you right in the crotch and you have to see all the beautiful things in advance, but a habitual #blasher also makes life unnecessarily complicated for himself and for others around him.

You don’t have to laugh when you actually want to cry.

You don’t have to smile when it feels like you’re breaking inside.

You don’t have to say you’re fine if there’s a dark cloud hanging over your head.

By being honest, raw and real, you will heal more easily, because you are not covering your sore spot all the time with a picture plaster. To say that you are worried, anxious about something, afraid or uncertain, does not mean that you pronounce a curse on your life, you simply do the first thing you have to in order to feel better again. You admit it out loud to someone who understands your heart, and together you look for a solution to get rid of the dark cloud above your head.

People who reach out to each other share in different wisdoms, learn lessons and store comfort in the comfort files of their hearts. Words make a person, over time, feel better faster. In the long run, a #blessed will set you back a few steps instead of forward.