Toyota suspends shipment of 10 models after ‘testing irregularities’


Toyota suspended the shipment of 10 models after irregularities with the testing of certain engines at a sister company.

The sister company, Toyota Industries, failed to conduct sufficient horsepower output tests for the certification of three diesel engine models, according to Toyota.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and HiAce are among the models that use the affected engines.

According to Toyota, the suspension of the shipment will affect about 36,500 Toyota vehicles that are produced each month.

Toyota Industries said in a separate statement that its workers adjusted the fuel injection amounts to “make the data appear better”.

Toyota has since confirmed that the affected engines and vehicles do meet required standards in terms of engine performance outputs, which means that there was no reason not to use these engines anymore.

However, the company says there were also other irregularities in relation to the certification processes of engines for cranes and other construction equipment.

Toyota Industries, whose head office is located in Japan, reported its findings to the Department of Transport, which will now carry out its own inspections.

The news comes after Toyota’s subsidiary Daihatsu, which makes popular small vehicles in Japan, had to suspend all shipments last month after disclosing that it had failed to properly conduct vehicle safety tests for decades.