Truck driver behind bars after driving away with 24-year-old woman


A 44-year-old lorry driver is expected to appear in the British Magistrate’s Court on Monday for the alleged kidnapping of a 24-year-old woman.

According to Capt. Sam Tselanyane, police spokesperson, found a man and his wife a ride on a truck from Bela-Bela to Rustenburg on Wednesday evening.

“This is after the driver told the couple that he was driving from Rustenburg to Cape Town and they agreed to drive with him to Rustenburg. The driver apparently made several stops along the way,” says Tselanyane.

The man apparently left the truck at the Total filling station on Brits to go buy food, leaving his wife to sleep on the bed behind the seats.

“On his return, he could not find the truck or his wife, after which he reported a case of kidnapping to the police. The search for the truck was started immediately.

A team consisting of detectives, members of crime intelligence, visible policing and district officers in British as well as personnel from private security companies, continued the search on Thursday.

“The lorry was eventually located using CCTV footage, after which the owner was contacted and the tracking movements of the lorry confirmed, including its exact location.

The team nabbed the truck driver soon after.

According to Tselanyane, the truck driver admitted during interrogation that he had indeed given the complainant and his wife a ride and had kidnapped the woman while her husband went to buy food at the Total filling station.

“Furthermore, the driver informed the police that he left the victim at a petrol filling station on Mooinooi and drove to Rustenburg. She was found at the Mooinooi police station where she went to call for help.

“The 44-year-old truck driver was arrested and charged with kidnapping,” says Tselanyane.

Lt. Gen. Sello Kwena, provincial commissioner in the North West, praised the teamwork between police members and staff from the private security companies.

“Those who continue to commit crimes against the most vulnerable (members) of our society will have to face the full force of the law.”