Truck hits block of flats in Durban


Paramedics from Advanced Life Support (ALS) were called to a scene in Ridgeview Cato Manor in Durban at around 07:30 on Wednesday after a truck plowed into an apartment block.

According to Garrith Jamieson, spokesman for the emergency service, paramedics came across a chaotic scene.

“The driver somehow lost control of the truck when he came around a corner. He went right through the fence and plowed into a block of flats.”

He says the driver of the truck was trapped in the wreckage. The fire brigade and the Netcare911 rescue unit were immediately called.

“ALS paramedics worked with EMRS paramedics to stabilize the driver, while the rest of the crews assisted in trying to extricate the driver from the wreckage. About an hour later, the patient was rescued from the wreckage with the help of the jaws of life.

“He was carefully removed from the truck before being rushed to a nearby hospital.”

According to Jamieson, a resident of the apartment block suffered moderate injuries.

“He was stabilized at the scene before being taken by ALS paramedics to a nearby hospital.

“The circumstances that led to the accident are not known at this stage.

“The police were also on the scene and are investigating the matter,” says Jamieson.