‘Truth must come out’, even if it costs the doctor everything


A general practitioner from Pretoria North feels so strongly about the fact that the Covid-19 vaccination is extremely harmful for people, that he is prepared to put his profession and his reputation on the line. Dr. Tros Bekker is accused of unprofessional behavior by the Health Professions Council (RHC) and will appear before a panel of the council in November to state his case.

The South African Medical Association (Sama) lodged a complaint against him in January 2022 after he said on his Facebook page “every doctor or person who administers the Covid-19 vaccination is a murderer”.

If he is found guilty, he may be prevented from practicing further, or a heavy fine may be imposed. He is one of many medics who have a similar complaint against them after, according to Sama, they spread “false information” about the Covid-19 vaccine.

“I have everything to lose. My job, my reputation, even my home. But I can’t keep quiet. I believe doctors have a duty to speak the truth and inform patients about the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccination. Every patient at least has the right to make an informed decision.”

In addition, it will cost him R500 000 to defend himself before the RGB, money that he will have difficulty getting his hands on. A date for the trial has not yet been set, but it will take place “sometime in November”.

According to Sama’s complaint, the spread of “irresponsible misinformation” and “unfounded clinical opinions” are among the biggest challenges that this organization had to face during the Covid-19 pandemic. On top of the Facebook entry, Sama is also upset about several books that Bekker has written about the Covid-19 pandemic and virus. In this he questions world governments’ response to the outbreak of the virus, as well as the effectiveness of all Covid-19 vaccinations. He points out that many more people die from flu every year (1% of the world’s population), than the 0.05% who have died from Covid-19 since 2019.

Sama believes that statements like these can result in the public losing confidence in the healthcare industry.

Bekker confirmed to RNews that he believes the Covid-19 vaccines – all of them – were not properly tested and hopelessly approved too quickly. “It has only been tested on animals, and those animals died. The Covid-19 vaccination is not effective in countering the virus, on the contrary, it kills people.”

He backs up his statements with lists of academic articles and research published in accredited medical journals over the past few years. These articles find a link between Covid-19 vaccinations and deadly diseases such as thrombosis, Guillain Barre syndrome and heart disease.

In a letter dated 21 August 2021, Pfizer South Africa itself warns doctors about the link between the vaccination and inflammation of the heart muscle, which seems to occur especially after the second dose and especially in younger men.

Documents that Pfizer disclosed in March 2022 after the court obliged it, show that this pharmaceutical giant’s vaccination can result in as many as 1,000 side effects. These include the possible development of fever blisters, embolism, deep vein thrombosis, epileptic psychosis, pancreatitis, pneumonia, liver damage and low birth weight. At the time, however, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) still maintained that the vaccine had more advantages than disadvantages.

Bekker also relies on what he sees in practice and hears from numerous other doctors, locally and internationally. These doctors, he says, are specialists and experts in their field. “We all see the same thing: A sudden increase in heart disease, lung problems and infertility in patients who received the vaccination. I see it every day in my practice.”

RNews recently reported on several victims who filed civil claims against the Department of Health after developing serious side effects after being vaccinated against Covid-19. This includes Pfizer and J&J vaccines.

Bekker says many doctors feel as he does, but are too afraid to voice their opinion, for fear of prosecution.

I am grateful for the medics who stood up and stiffened their backs against the mRNA (the active ingredient in the vaccination) injection campaign,” writes a microbiologist in a mobile phone message to Bekker. “I, together with some of my colleagues, have spoken out strongly about the use of mRNA and other ingredients, to control the created ‘pandemic’,” reads the message that RNews saw.

After the RGB has decided on his fate, Bekker dreams of a center in Johannesburg where people with Covid-19 and side effects of the vaccine can be treated. This includes the use of natural medications and the practice of a healthy lifestyle.

“All is not lost. There is hope and ways to counteract the harmful effect of the vaccine. The medical science is incredible.”

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