Tshwane approves bailout budget


The Tshwane Metro Council on Thursday approved the capital’s budget of R50.6 billion for the 2024/25 financial year.

Cilliers Brink, executive mayor, labels the approval of the budget as an important victory for the coalition government and residents of the Tshwane metro. This is also the beginning of the process to finance the service delivery plans that were announced during the city speech and the budget speech.

The budget for the 2024/25 financial year consists of an operating budget of R48.3 billion and a capital infrastructure investment budget of R2.3 billion.

R1.1 billion (49%) of the capital budget is allocated to the prioritization of the electricity network and water infrastructure in the city.

According to Brink, this speaks to the city management’s commitment to improving water and electricity supply.

“In formulating this budget, we focused strongly on performance, financial recovery, energy independence and driving visible service delivery. We have made key allocations for public lighting, road maintenance, housing, waste management services, health and other core services,” says Brink.

Included in the approved budget is also an increase in rates.

“We have also ensured that our proposed increases in fares, when compared with those of other metro councils, are the most reasonable. We understand the current difficult economic climate and pressures our residents are facing; therefore we worked hard to keep rates and rate increases within our control as low as possible,” says Brink.

He labels this budget as a message of building a capital that works for all its people.