Tshwane warns defaulters again shortly before Christmas


Tshwane has renewed its warning to defaulters with pre-paid power meters shortly before Christmas to settle their overdue municipal debt or risk not being able to buy power again until the outstanding money is paid.

When customers whose municipal bills are in arrears therefore want to buy power units, the money will be diverted to pay the arrears. Previously, the city only used 60% of this money for the purchase of electricity.

The Tshwane metro has designated a dedicated team to handle inquiries in this regard and a minimum payment of 30% of the outstanding debt will be required to reactivate a power meter.

The city’s credit control policy states that 60% or even 100% of a prepaid power meter can be blocked until the outstanding debt is settled.

“With the strict enforcement of credit control measures, customers must either settle the outstanding bill in full or enter into a payment agreement with the city for the pre-paid meters to be activated so that power units can be recharged,” says Selby Bokaba, spokesperson for the Tshwane Metro. .

According to him, the metro has also noticed that some customers deliberately declare a dispute with the city in order to delay or avoid payments. Bokaba says that the declaration of a dispute does not, however, give any waiver for the payment of the current current account while the dispute is being settled.

“It is the responsibility of customers to pay for services they have used.”

Various drop-in centers in the city can be used to pay arrears. It usually takes about half an hour – after payment has been made – for a power meter to be activated again.

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