TV evangelist TB Joshua accused of ‘abuse, torture’


The well-known Nigerian preacher and television evangelist TB Joshua is said to have been guilty of abuse and torture.

In an investigation conducted by the BBC, numerous former members claim that Joshua, founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), committed several atrocities, including rape, and that he apparently forced women to undergo abortions.

Joshua died in June 2021 at the age of 57. Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as TB Joshua, was often called “the man of God” or “the Prophet” and was known for his so-called miracles, healing of the sick and even resurrections.

According to the BBC, the alleged incidents of abuse and torture took place over almost 20 years in a secret complex in Lagos. More than 25 of Joshua’s former “disciples” from, among others, Britain, Nigeria, the USA, Namibia and South Africa shared their experiences in interviews with the BBC.

Among other things, it is claimed that people were chained and beaten and that many women were assaulted and raped by Joshua. Some of the women who were allegedly raped were then allegedly forced to have abortions after they became pregnant. There is also apparently evidence of how Joshua faked his miracle healings.

Joshua was labeled as one of Africa’s most influential preachers and had an enormous following on social media platforms and television.

Joshua was revered as a prophet by many, but was no stranger to controversy.

In 2014, 114 people died – most of them South Africans – when a guesthouse near the church collapsed. The victims were part of several tour groups that stayed at the church.

A total of 85 South Africans died in the disaster and many others were injured.

According to Forbes, Joshua has built up a fortune of several million dollars over the years.