Twist in ‘The bridge’ brings Geo and Rob to a difficult decision


Two of The bridge ‘s participants, Geo and Rob, had to make an important decision in the latest episode of the series: Are they going to give up their honesty for an extra R50 000 in the pocket?

Rob, a former professional rugby player from Midrand, and Geo, a wealth manager from Stellenbosch, in a shocking twist came across R100 000 of the total R1 million prize money. They were initially sent to look for tools, but eventually came across this money and a letter. They could choose to “steal” the money, with which they would also get a design or “blueprint” of the perfect raft, or a wheelbarrow full of new nails and two hammers.

The rafts the participants have built so far have each been unsafe. Geo and Rob knew that they needed a design much more than the nails. Yet the choice was not without a twist in the cable: If they decided to take the money and the design, they would not be able to tell a single soul about the money. If it were to come to light that Geo and Rob are now each R50 000 richer, they would lose the money.

At first Rob was uncomfortable with the word “steal”; this was not the example of honesty and integrity he wanted to set for his two young children.

“The term ‘stealing’ rested very heavily on my shoulders,” Rob told RNews.

However, Geo decided to simply put this wording aside, and the men took the money out of the treasury and took it for themselves.

“I didn’t consider it stealing. I thought if we turned it down, the next players might get the chance (to win it). It was a win-win situation, our team needed the ‘blue print’,” he says in turn to RNews.

However, Geo admits that it still required a huge sense of trust between these two participants to pocket the money.

“At first I immediately thought to take the money and the design, but because it had to remain a secret and it was so early in the game, it was a difficult decision to make.

“I also had to be able to trust Robert to keep it a secret and I barely knew him. I had to take a calculated chance.”

However, calculated chances are part of Geo’s strategy, he is not someone who enters a game without thinking about the risks and opportunities that come with it.

“I quite like to think and plan. I see the end goal, and then have to devise a plan to get there by focusing on what is within my control.”

This is precisely how the alliance between Geo, Rob, Iana, Tina and Marna began to form. Although Geo had thought from the beginning about who would be good friends in the game, it was a natural turn for Rob.

“The friendship came naturally for sure, they are all incredible people and I felt that we all had something in common. I am a quiet person by nature, but it was not difficult at all to make friends; all the participants are top class people,” says Rob.

“The biggest lesson I learned in the game is that every day I am building my own bridge and that I have to work hard to achieve my dreams and ideals.”

  • The bridge is broadcast every Thursday evening at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.