Two arrested who want to smuggle Durban street lights across the border


Border Management Authority (BMA) officers at the border post at Kosibaai in KwaZulu-Natal arrested two Mozambicans who were believed to be trying to smuggle stolen infrastructure into Mozambique.

BMA spokeswoman, Obema Mogotsi, says border guards searched a gray Isuzu bakkie at the border post, after which 52 street lights – belonging to the Ethekwini metro – were found in the vehicle.

“The BMA immediately notified the Falcons and the Durban police. Two Mozambicans were arrested and charged with possession of stolen goods and damaging essential infrastructure.

“The Isuzu bakkie was seized, as well as the property found on the vehicle, after which it was handed over to the police at Manguzi. The value of the property is estimated at R1.9 million.”

The Falcons will now investigate the matter further, says Mogotsi.

Dr. Michael Masiapato, commissioner of the BMA, praised the border guards “for preventing illegal activities and safeguarding government assets”.

“The BMA border guards serve as the first line of defense and work around the clock to enforce immigration laws and thereby maintain the integrity of the country.

“Their vigilance in this incident and dedication contribute significantly to the maintenance of law and order.”