Two back in court over Seaborne murder


Donovan Troskie (29) and Gerhard van der Merwe (27) briefly appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, where they stand trial for the murder of 21-year-old Celvin Seaborne.

RNews previously reported that Seaborne died in the early hours of September 9 – at a gas station opposite the Langarm nightclub in Mountain View in Pretoria. Footage obtained from the petrol station’s CCTV cameras apparently shows how Celvin, shortly after stopping and getting out of his car, is accosted by a man and beaten repeatedly. It then seems that someone dives from the side and holds him before another man hits him on the throat.

Elzab√© Brink, the Seaborne family’s legal representative, says that during Tuesday’s court proceedings, the public prosecutor asked for a postponement of at least two months, “because the post-mortem investigation has still not been completed and footage as well as a photo album of the scene is still outstanding”. .

Van der Merwe’s legal representative agreed to this. However, Troskie’s legal representative requested that the case be postponed for the last time because it has been going on for a long time.

“If a case is marked final, it means that the case – if the post-mortem report, footage, as well as a photo album of the scene is still outstanding by the next court date – is withdrawn for the time being,” explains Brink.

“However, the public prosecutor opposed this and explained to the magistrate that post-mortem reports generally take a very long time and that the court should not mark the case as final.”

The magistrate confirmed that he was aware of how long such investigations could take and ruled that the case would not be marked as final. An extension was subsequently granted until April.

Charlotte Seaborne, Celvin’s mother, says she is extremely grateful that the case has not been declared final.

Around ten women attended the court proceedings on Tuesday in pitch black shirts – on which Celvin’s face is adorned with angel wings.

“I would also move forward from behind if I had to constantly stare at photos of a 21-year-old boy whose life I took…” Charlotte wrote in a post on Facebook after the court proceedings.

“But he is my son… and I will surely remind you who he is…”

According to Brink, however, the magistrate made it clear that the state must ensure that all outstanding documents are completed by the next court appearance “because he is not going to keep the case on the roll indefinitely”.

If the documents are still outstanding by the next date, the case can be marked as final.

Brink says she is stunned by all the women who support Charlotte Seaborne and still march to court in their Celvin shirts at every court appearance.

“Charlotte is very fortunate to have so much support from family and friends in these difficult times. I sat there today and looked at the women – who proudly wear Celvin on their shirts. They all stand behind the broken mother. It was amazing to watch,” she says.