Two boys drown at Nature’s Valley


Two boys drowned in the Nature’s Valley lagoon near Plettenberg Bay on Saturday afternoon when they were sailing with a friend on a kayak on the lagoon in the Groot River and got into trouble.

However, one of the boys was able to swim to shore to call for help.

According to Craig Lambinon, spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), the NSRI Plettenberg Bay Station 14 service crew was called at around 14:40.

“We received a call that two boys are drowning in the Nature’s Valley lagoon. The Nature’s Valley NSRI Coastguard was immediately activated and NSRI rescue workers rushed to the scene.

“Two NSRI rescue boats were dispatched and managed to navigate the lagoon mouth to enter the lagoon.

“A vehicle from NSRI Plettenberg Bay, which is stationed at Nature’s Valley, was also dispatched,” says Lambinon.

The police, as well as their water policing and diving services, as well as Health EMS and Plettenberg Bay First Responders responded to the emergency call.

According to Lambinon, it is reported that three boys – presumably between the ages of eight and ten – were on a kayak on the lagoon when they got into trouble.

“Upon our arrival at the scene, one of the boys was located and brought out of the water, however – after all efforts were made to resuscitate him – he was pronounced dead at the scene.

“NSRI later located the second boy’s lifeless body in the lagoon and brought it out of the water. He was also pronounced dead at the scene,” says Lambinon.

A counselor assisted the surviving boy in the moments before he was later taken into the care of his parents.

“The two boys’ bodies were handed over to the state’s forensic pathology services and the police began an inquest.