Two caught apparently exploiting taxis


Two suspects, who posed as members of the taxi association patrol unit, were arrested on the N4 in Pretoria on Thursday.

The provincial intervention unit for public transport was busy with operation #Fatela Road Safety on the N4 outside Bronkhorstspruit. The two persons, undocumented foreigners, allegedly drove around with a vehicle with a false number plate. The license plate of the vehicle was also forged.

The intervention unit impounded two minibus taxis and the two persons’ sedan, presumably a stolen vehicle. It was taken to Pretoria’s Vehicle Identification Unit (VIS) for further investigation.

Kedibone Diale-Tlabela, provincial MEC for transport and logistics, praised the intervention unit for the arrests.

According to Diale-Tlabela, the two suspects worked on the N4 and stopped minibus taxis. They threatened the taxi drivers that their vehicles would be impounded unless they paid a cash fee of R2 500.

“The intervention unit consistently plays an important role in maintaining law and order in the public transport system. We welcome the arrest of the two suspects,” says Diale-Tlabela, who was at the scene during the arrests. “These individuals pose a serious danger to the peaceful operations of minibus taxis in our province.”

The intervention unit responded after a series of complaints about similar incidents on the N4 in the past few months.

The department’s #Fatela campaign continues throughout January and beyond to encourage compliance and promote safe road use at hotspots in the province.