Two pickle pennies cause predicament on ‘Plaasjapie’


The rate at which coins are currently minted has contestants from the kykNET reality series Farm boy pretty much left unscathed in Thursday night’s episode.

A further R60 000 was tapped from the remaining R975 000 prize pool, after both Etienne de Villiers (36), a wedding and event planner from Pretoria, Gauteng, and Milandie Grimbeek, a hairstylist from Beaufort West in the Western Cape, pocketed their pennies used for fear of being voted out of the game.

The winning total was initially R1 million, but Oranjezicht’s Danielle lowered it to R975 000 with her pickle penny in last week’s delivery.

Jannie Holsthyzen (20), a security guard from Pretoria, was finally sent home on Thursday evening after the Groenkloof team attended a cooperative visit for the first time.

“Look, my dad taught me to stand by what I say, and I don’t regret for a moment how I played. I wish I could make him a little more proud, but I’m happy about how I did it,” Jannie said about his time on Farm boy tell.

In the run-up to the cooperative visit, there was almost a game of chess at Groenkloof to determine whose silo salt was going to be drawn from, with Jannie, Etienne and Milandie’s names being whispered around.

Between Milandie, Etienne and Blue, there was more or less scheming, so much so that the lines of all alliances were later blurred.

Milandie and Monique initially believed that there were targets on the rue of “weaker players”, of which they and Anelda were part, according to her, and wanted to show the so-called stronger players who was boss.

According to Milandie, Jannie’s “frequent derogatory comments” made her feel “stupid”.

Etienne, who previously forged ties with Riaan and Jannie, but also with Milandie, was consequently pushed into a corner.

“She bothers me terribly. I still don’t know how I’m going to swing this, because when she looks at me, I literally see little devils running there,” said Etienne about Milandie’s plans.

He labeled her as “bitterly dangerous” and confessed that he enjoyed seeing Jannie crawl under her skin. “I see so many things about Milandie, I actually enjoy it, but I also actually like her.”

Blue Kester (39), a community development coordinator from Bellville in the Western Cape and a confidant among many on the Groenkloof farm, was initially unsure whether Jannie should know the one saying goodbye, but nevertheless tapped salt from his silo, presumably after Jannie ‘s final comments about stronger players who deserve a place in the game.

“Jannie says that he feels it is someone who is strong who deserves to win, and in his mind is that strong, I believe, what he is talking about, physically strong. But tell me, for example, it’s someone with strong brainpower, because I feel such a person deserves to win it,” Blue retorted during the cooperative visit.

Jannie apparently also scratched a little too much at his Groenkloof teammate Anelda Price (24), a final year student in social work from Parow Valley in the Western Cape.

“He is a little too comfortable and a macho manyet he hides behind Etienne all the time,” argued Anelda before voting for him that night.

Blue and Milandie’s intense whispers also raised a worried Etienne’s eyebrows in the run-up to the cooperative visit and made him more alert. That’s why she decides to play his pickle penny like Milandie.

“Groenkloof, think about what happened here tonight. Get your rhythm right,” was presenter Ewan Strydom’s message to the team.

“There is one Groenkloof team here, but very clearly two camps.”

  • Farm boy can be seen Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.