Two runaway horses ‘in serious condition’


Two of the five British Army horses that went wild and rode into central London on Wednesday are in a serious condition.

The two injured horses, named Vida and Quaker, underwent surgery on Wednesday evening. One of them has since been transferred to an equine hospital.

“There were five horses. They were all recovered. Three of them are fine. Two of them are unfortunately in a relatively serious condition and we will of course monitor that condition,” British Defense Secretary James Cartlidge told Sky News on Thursday.

Seven horses and six soldiers from the cavalry were taking part in a military exercise in Belgravia near the regiment’s barracks next to Hyde Park on Wednesday morning when the sound of builders startled the horses.

Builders apparently moved concrete not far away.

Four service personnel were thrown from their horses and five horses chipped.

Three of the soldiers were taken to hospital but are expected to make a full recovery, the army tweeted on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the driver of a Mercedes car told LBC radio how he was waiting outside a hotel in Buckingham Palace Road yesterday morning when he felt a horse run into his car.

The man apparently spotted three or four horses in the street.

The horses ran into a stationary tour bus and taxi during their journey. Photos of the tour bus’ broken windshield were also shared.

Several videos and photos of two galloping horses weaving between buses, taxis and cars in Aldwych during rush hour on Wednesday morning were shared on social media yesterday.

One of the horses chest and front legs was covered in what appeared to be blood.

Cartlidge says it is “extremely unlikely” that there will be a repeat of Wednesday’s events.

“You are probably aware that the army trains with horses in central London every day of the week. That’s about 150 horses that train every day,” the minister told LBC radio.

“The probability of this scenario is therefore extremely slim.”