Two ‘wanted criminals’ shot dead


Two suspects on the police’s list of most wanted criminals in connection with transit robberies, house robberies and farm attacks have been shot dead by the police.

The two were shot dead in a shootout with the police in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday, Col. Police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda said.

According to Netshiunda, police officers, including members of the tactical response unit, the Hawks and private security officers, followed up information and intercepted the suspects’ vehicle on Jabu Ngcobo Drive.

“When the suspects saw the police, they started firing shots. The police fired back and a shootout ensued.”

Two suspects were fatally wounded while one suspect managed to flee the scene with a firearm. A large-scale search was launched for this suspect.

“The two deceased were among 15 suspects who in August 2019 tried to kill members of the tactical response unit during a foiled transit robbery in Nkandla. The same suspects were later arrested, but fled the court after being released on bail.”

A firearm was found in the possession of the deceased suspects.