Two-year-old boy from North West missing


The police in the North West are desperately looking for a missing two-year-old boy from Mothutlung near Brits.

Little Tshepang Mathews Malinga’s brothers and sisters saw him for the last time on Friday when he left his parents’ home. Tshepang apparently usually leaves the house to visit his grandmother, the children’s guardian.

Lt. Col. Amanda Funani, police spokesperson, says the police launched a search in the neighborhood and surrounding areas of Moumong, but it yielded nothing.

The police are now asking the public for help.

Little Tshepang was wearing a khaki green sweater with maroon sweatpants and green and white shoes at the time of his disappearance.

Any information about where Tshepang may be can be obtained from the investigating officer, Detective AO. Suthse is reported on 071 446 3659.