UFC: Du Plessis steamroller Whittaker!


When Dricus “Stillknocks” du Plessis speaks, the rest of the mixed martial arts world can listen – after all, he often adds action to his words.

The South African did in Las Vegas what he promised beforehand when he sent Robert Whittaker to the boards in the second round of their Ultimate Fighting Championship fight.

Du Plessis’ fists undoubtedly did the talking for him and he made the top-ranked Aussie smell the harpoon with a few well-calculated blows.

The fight was stopped a short time later and the Pretorian could celebrate his sixth UFC victory in a row.

While Joe Rogan and co sing his praises from the commentators’ section, Du Plessis has a page with ex-pres. Donald Trump and Dana White (UFC big boss) shook.

Yes-no, it was definitely an evening to remember.

The middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, watched the action from his seat next to the cage and he immediately interrupted Du Plessis’ interview with Joe Rogan.

Adesanya was born in Nigeria, but he has lived in New Zealand for over ten years. However, he still doesn’t pay much attention to the social media comments that single out the Pretorian as the only UFC fighter in this weight class who lives and trains in Africa.

The 33-year-old Aucklander tried to steal the spotlight, but it didn’t sound like he knew exactly what to say.

In between a series of swear words, he talked about a DNA test to determine who is actually from Africa, but Du Plessis did not give him much airtime.

“What are you going to tell everyone in New Zealand now?” he asked before turning and walking away.

This victory also gives every unbelieving Thomas a reason to believe in Du Plessis’ skills.

Many analysts thought that he was not fit enough to chat with the best, but a nose operation gave the South African’s breathing a nice boost and he didn’t even look tired now.

“Can you all see how tired I am now?” he joked after the fight. “I told you that there is nothing wrong with my cardio fitness.”

At the same time, Du Plessis paid tribute to Whittaker, saying he was one of the sport’s legends.

However, Rogan summed things up perfectly.

“Dricus du Plessis is an armored car and no one can afford to be skeptical about him or underestimate him anymore. He has now earned his place on the mountain peak – we have a world title fight waiting for us.”

Meanwhile, Adesanya can only curse and scold: Stillknocks is ready for him.