Unity Government | Rise Mzansi wants to reflect first


Songezo Zibi, leader of Rise Mzansi, says the party takes note of the ANC’s announcement that a government of national unity has been decided. However, the party’s national leadership will not meet until the weekend to properly go through the ANC’s proposal – and any other proposals. The party will then provide detailed feedback on its position.

According to Zibi, the process of creating a unity government will be preceded by a so-called national dialogue. However, the current political situation is unprecedented political waters for South Africa.

Rise Mzansi has now appealed to all political groups and their leaders to recognize the seriousness of the situation, move forward with due caution and thoroughness and put the needs of the people of South Africa first.

To prevent enormous national challenges from paralyzing the new administration, Zibi believes South Africans expect their leaders to show maturity and work together.

‚ÄúThis will ensure that there is democratic accountability in any solution found through dialogue. It is also important that everyone upholds the rule of law and national order to keep South Africans safe and continue to promote our national constitutional values,” says Zibi.