UP will take action on ‘No Whites’ stickers on campus


The University of Pretoria (UP) said in a post on social media on Monday that it was deeply disappointed by “the public relations stunt” by “mischievous individuals” after stickers with the words “No Whites Allowed” and “Blacks Only” were placed at certain entrances to the Hatfield campus.

“We will immediately take disciplinary action against those responsible for this,” says Rikus Delport, spokesman for the UP.

RNews previously reported that EFF members and members of its student association (EFFSC) protested in front of the university’s Hatfield campus at the end of September. This was apparently accompanied by incidents of racism and intimidation. Tuks students were reportedly denied access to the campus on the basis of their skin color, among other things.

Students in the garb of the EFFSC blocked gates and prevented white students from entering or leaving the campus. Protesting students also shouted slogans against the organization AfriForum Youth. Individual students, regardless of their affiliation with AfriForum or any other organisation, were dragged around and warned not to enter the campus.

It encouraged AfriForum Youth to send additional evidence to the UP to strengthen its case regarding the demand that the EFF’s student association be deregistered as a student association at the UP.

Delport says that although the “No Whites Allowed” stickers were seen at various entrances to the Hatfield campus on Monday morning, no campus is being disrupted at this stage due to intimidation.

“The university remains committed to upholding the principles of non-discrimination and diversity.

“South Africa’s history is characterized by a complicated legacy of systemic discrimination and as a society we are actively working to correct these historical injustices,” says Delport.

“Our university plays an integral role in the effort to create an inclusive and fair environment for everyone.

“We encourage engagement to address concerns related to racial issues and we remain committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect and understanding within our institution.”