Vandals target shark bite kits at Jeffreys Bay


The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) says its shark bite kits in Jeffreys Bay have been vandalized.

“One set was vandalized and the first aid equipment was stolen. The box that protected the set was irreparably damaged,” NSRI spokesperson Andrew Ingram said in a statement.

Another set was damaged when thieves wanted to get at it, but it seems as if they abandoned the theft. This box needs to be repaired.

“These shark bite kits are more than just first aid equipment. These are essential tools that can save lives. It is designed to be able to provide immediate medical assistance in incidents where a person has been bitten by a shark. The kits contain compression devices that can effectively stop bleeding.”

Ingram says the kits’ effectiveness has been proven several times over the past few years and they play an essential role in the NSRI’s beach safety measures.

“These kits provide first responders at strategic beaches with immediate access to essential life-saving equipment. This means that action can be taken quickly in emergencies.”

The NSRI must now replace the stolen equipment and repair the damaged box at a cost of R5 000.

“Your contribution can have a significant impact on beach safety and saving lives,” adds Ingram.

To contribute to the replacement of these sets, contact Renée on 021 434 4011 or send an email to (email protected).

“The amount doesn’t matter. Your donation plays an essential role in our ongoing mission to keep our beaches safe. Remember in any incident of a shark bite: stop the bleeding as soon as possible and contact the NSRI’s emergency services on 087 094 9774.”