Verkeerdevlei: Police’s motives questioned


The civil rights organization AfriForum has appointed a legal representative to closely follow the case against three Free State farmers, including two farmers’ wives, who were arrested by the South African Police Service (SAPD) after they caught cattle thieves who were stealing their sheep. steal.

RNews reported earlier that 30 police officers in 13 police vehicles stormed the property of two farmer women, entered their home and forcibly arrested them. It also appears that the police did not have a warrant to enter the property.

AfriForum says it appears that this case was not properly investigated before the officers decided to carry out these arrests.

“The manner in which these farmers were arrested is very suspicious. Why use such overwhelming force to capture two women? It looks like an intimidation tactic by the SAPS,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for community safety.

As a prominent civil rights watchdog, AfriForum has a decisive role in safeguarding the constitutional rights of individuals. The organization works diligently to ensure that law enforcement officers follow due process in all of its actions, especially when they involve arrests and prosecutions.

Broodryk says that in this case, AfriForum is committed to ensuring that the rights of the accused farmers are upheld, and demands a fair, transparent and unbiased investigation.

“This investigation is not only a defense of these farmers, but a stance against any potential abuse of power by the authorities, and thus serves to maintain democratic values ​​and principles in the country.”