Video: Kolbe makes young Springbok supporter’s dreams come true


Young Desmond Koolen’s biggest dream was to rub shoulders with Siya Kolisi and Cheslin Kolbe. This seven-year-old never thought that his dream would finally become a reality.

In September of this year, Desmond crawled into the hearts of South Africans with his version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good”. His mother, Adele Koolen, shared a video of this song on TikTok, after which it spread like wildfire.

This video has been viewed and shared millions of times, and has even crossed South African borders. Wayne Brady, an American television presenter, commented on the video while Will Smith shared the video again.

Desmond soon found his place behind the broadcast microphone when he was invited to chat to Martin Bester on JacarandaFM’s breakfast show. During this visit, Desmond again sang the song for which he became famous, and also gave some bits of advice to Springbok captain, Siya.

One of Desmond’s biggest dreams was to meet the Springboks, especially the “pocket rocket”, as Desmond refers to Cheslin Kolbe. That dream came true yesterday (1 November) during the Springboks’ homecoming event, held at MultiChoice’s head office in Johannesburg.

Desmond congratulated and welcomed the Springboks, with a special message for his heroes Siya and Cheslin. Even before he could finish speaking, Cheslin stood up, gave Desmond a tight squeeze and hung his medal around his neck.

Although it was a huge moment for little Desmond, and his dreams came true right there, Adele writes on Instagram that Cheslin finally got his medal back.

“And just like that, a dream became a reality,” writes Adele.

“Today, with the help of a lot of people, Desi not only met the Springboks, but he was also able to address them. I admire you my son. You took the stage and spoke in front of at least 5,000 people – not a nerve in sight. You make us so proud!”