Video: Museum theater brings Afrikaner history to life


The Voortrekker Monument’s (VTM) Museum Theater turns the traditional experience of audiences sitting and watching actors portray a story on stage, properly on its head. With this initiative, visitors are involved in the telling of the Afrikaner story in an interactive way.

RNews reported earlier that the VTM officially opened the very first museum theater in the Southern Hemisphere at the Heritage Center at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

Dr. Danie Langner, managing director of the Voortrekker Monument, says the museum theater offers opportunities to convey history to visitors in inventive ways.

“The aim of the theater is to make history a living reality for people, and make them feel part of it. It’s nice to know we’re doing something new and unique to keep history alive.”

This museum theater tells the story of the African woman’s existence from 1902 to modern times. The spectator is taken from room to room where history is interpreted in an interactive and theatrical way. Karla Hoogendoorn and Eduan Naudé play the roles.

“The two actors, just like the theatre, were a matter of prayer for us. Because we were doing something here that had never been done before in the country, we didn’t know what to expect. What Hoogendoorn and Naudé are able to achieve is excellent,” says Langner.

He is excited about the museum theater and what this experience will mean for the public. “Ultimately, the theater is also focused on building the future, hope and the difference that everyone can make in this country.”

RNews attended one of the museum theater’s shows and also talked to the actors about it. Visitors can get a taste of what to expect in this video:

The public can book their places by following this link or by sending an email to