Video: Twins everywhere you look


Ten sets of twins were born at the same time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Cedars-Sinai Geurin Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California in the USA.

Staff are not sure if this is an official record, but it is probably very close to a record, according to a statement by the hospital.

“We are very excited,” said Ashley Richardson, assistant nurse manager in the NICU. “We are used to twins and multiples, but not so many at once. They keep us on our toes!”

The twins’ weight at birth ranges from just under 2 pounds (0.9 kg) to 6 pounds (2.72 kg) and most are twin boys.

These were Diana and Jordan Edelstein’s first babies. They were surprised when they heard they were expecting twins. “I have always dreamed of sons and daughters as twins, and with God’s grace this dream came true,” said Diana.

Her twins were born early but they are growing and are expected to return home soon.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz and his wife Hindi say it was a “big shock and a double blessing” when they found out they were expecting twins. “The staff is great,” Mendel said. “It was an incredible experience and it’s only going to get better and better!”

“A double blessing,” said Malka Naomi Feldman. She herself is one of twins and was not surprised when she found out she was expecting twins. However, the babies had to be born at 34 weeks when an investigation found that one of the twins was in danger. Now she is counting the days until she and her husband can take their twins home so the little girls can meet their two-year-old little brother.

Samantha and Greg Pearlman think it was a welcome surprise when there were so many other parents with twins in the NICU. Their twin daughters have been in the NICU for six weeks. She said it was reassuring to talk to other parents in a similar situation. “We stay in touch with each other. It’s really great,” added Samantha.

Jordan Edelstein says the amount of twins at the hospital also reassured him. “I was surprised when there were two, let alone 10 sets of twins! But it’s great to connect with other parents and follow their journey. It is reassuring to see so many other families experiencing the same thing.”

Bevin Merideth, Nicu partner director, thinks back to the days when she was a child and her newborn twin sisters were in the Nicu. This is one of the reasons why she became a nurse.

“I have so many good memories when I look at all these twins. We look forward to hearing from the parents and seeing photos as the twins progress at home. Maybe this time next year we can have a reunion with 20 yearlings!”