Violence rages as Aliyah studies


Aliyah September from Bloemhof Girls’ High School in Stellenbosch passed matric with two distinctions last year, amid gang violence raging around her. Now she wants to study education.

Aliyah’s year was not without challenges. “I have been through gang violence, load shedding and also once through a burglary. It took a lot: emotionally, mentally and physically. Getting through everything is only God’s grace and my own perseverance.”

Aliyah says she had to learn not to let circumstances beyond her control distract her. “I said to myself: I’m in matric, I have to do well.” In addition, Aliyah can also testify: “We can do anything with God’s help. Challenges are a good thing, the experience itself is special. Never stop praying.”

Her mother, brother and late grandmother are the driving forces in her life. “They are the reason for all my hard work. I feel proud to be able to make them proud.” She reckons that, especially in one’s high school days, it is a great privilege to have so much support.

She is also full of praise for her high school. “I had a good career at Bloemhof. It was a great privilege to be in this school and I learned a lot.”

This year she will study BEd Foundation Phase at Stellenbosch University. Her dream is to be a successful teacher.

For other matrics, Aliyah says: “Always start early with everything. Start learning early, start preparing early. Matric is hard work, but you will see, if you put in a lot you will reap the rewards.”