Walk with our children


By Rene Roux, managing director: media at Solidarity Helping Hand

When establishing and planning the fund and campaign, I thought a lot about the words of Carike Keuzenkamp’s song “Walk with me”:

Walk with me hand in hand
Barefoot on Clifton’s beach
Listen to a song on Groentemarkplein
Of love, farewell and pain

I couldn’t help but listen to the song and see our children dancing between these lyrics. Tannie Carike sings in this song about love, pain, the Cape, the rain that will come, the city’s streets and about the south-east blowing clean. And between the words I see our children playing in the rain, I see their little faces from the Cape to here. I see their love and I see their pain.

And then I just realize anew how necessary it is to launch this fund. How much needed it is.

Solidarity Helping Hand Ons Plek is an educational community project and complies with specific regulations. The emphasis is on high quality Afrikaans education and the care of our children to enable them to reach their maximum potential. This education includes the services of a preschool and after-school center in a safe environment. We offer an atmosphere of Christian values ​​for children from the Afrikaner cultural community. Ons Plek is a community project where community members contribute to the sustainability of the service to help ensure prosperity for every child.

The StapSaam fund wants to walk into the future hand in hand with each child and the community, with a heart full of strength and hope for our future generation. In order to implement our mission of community involvement and educational excellence, it is essential that Solidarity Helping Hand maintains a stable financial base for Ons Plekke across the country.

The StapSaam fund will enable us to further empower and develop our children and ensure that we have enough funding to achieve our goals. This fund, which we intend to establish through fundraising and donations, will play a critical role in the continued support of our initiatives at Ons Plekke nationwide.

This will enable us to expand our services, implement new initiatives, and provide the necessary resources and facilities to provide our children with the best possible opportunities for their future. We know we can create a strong fund with the support of our communities, sponsors, and supporters that will help us increase our impact and make a positive difference in the lives of our children.

We are committed to continuing our mission to empower and support youth, and we look forward to building a stable financial foundation that will make this possible.

Solidarity Helping Hand Ons Plek celebrates a decade of dedicated service to the community through teaching, while we also begin a new chapter with the launch of the StapSaam fund. This fund is our answer to the urgent need to further empower our children and ensure that everyone gets the opportunities to reach their full potential.

We are also proud that we can already celebrate our tenth birthday, a milestone that inspires us to work even harder and make an even bigger impact on the lives of our children we serve. With the StapSaam fund and our decade of service as backup, we look to the future with hope as we continue to create a safe, supportive environment for all the children whose lives we touch.

Services that Solidarity Helping Hand Ons Plek preschools offer to our children:

  • Outcome-based curriculum
  • Trained staff
  • Balanced meals
  • Referral for therapeutic services
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Transport
  • Holiday programs
  • Walk-ins
  • Excursions

Services that Solidarity Helping Hand Ons Plek after-school center offers to our children:

  • High quality homework support
  • Help with preparation for tests and exams
  • Balanced meals
  • Access to Cloud School
  • Referral for therapeutic services
  • Transport
  • Holiday programs

Solidarity Helping Hand currently has seven Our Locations:

  1. Our Place Beach
  2. Our Place Derdepoort
  3. Our Place Volksrust
  4. Our Place Naboom
  5. Our Place Horizon
  6. Our Location Kempton Park
  7. Our Place South Coast

If we give today, let us give with open hearts, where it is most needed and where we can empower children.

Tannie Carike concludes her song with “far in your eyes I discover my city; you are the Cape in my heart”.

May this fund also rest in our hearts just like our favorite places in South Africa, and may Ons Plekke become that place that finds its home deep in our hearts of giving.

Help a child today. Donate here: www.stapsaamfonds.co.za