Watch: Ramaphosa celebrates Bokke win at peace summit


Even when duties call him elsewhere, Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa like every other South African everything to make sure that he sees the Springboks in action.

Ramaphosa left any stressors of the day behind on Saturday evening when he and his staff watched the terrifying World Cup semi-final between South Africa and England.

He smiled widely and even gave out hugs after the Goats pulled a rabbit out of a hat in the last few minutes and beat England 16-15. This victory ensured that they progressed to the final of the World Cup tournament in France.

Earlier in the day, Ramaphosa attended the Cairo Peace Summit in Egypt where the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas and the urgent need for humanitarian support in these countries were discussed.

He argued that peace in the end breeds peace and that not only Israel and Palestine should strive for this, but also the international community.

Ramaphosa also appealed to the two warring parties to exercise restraint and requested that any state actors stop supplying weapons to either side of the conflict.